The Big Picture Program opened up new horizons for me. I learnt all about how society functions:  the role of the media, the structure of the business world, and how the political process works. In doing this, I came to see myself as a member of a greater community. I was encouraged to get involved in great initiatives, and try to effect positive change. Certainly The Big Picture got me thinking about university and my future career, however, I also learnt to think about the development of greater society, not just my own personal advancement.

Xavier Symons
4th Year Sydney University student

The Big Picture Program helped me to aspire to high goals but importantly to see the broad and comprehensive picture with respect to tertiary studies and professional life. With deep insights into culture this seminar helped me to understand many fundamental concepts that changed my perspective and attitude.

Edwin Sugiaman
Commerce graduate

My Big Picture Program experience was amazing. I was able to get an insight into the business world I definitely want to pursue a career in this field.

Sebastian Burfitt
2nd Year UNSW Economics student

The The Big Picture Program surpassed everything I had in mind. It was a blast to meet so many young people from all around NSW. I learned a lot about myself, as well as IT security and emerging technologies. My experience couldn’t have been improved at all.

Devin Alwis
2nd Year Accounting Student, Macquarie University

I hadn't thought much about what I'll do when I finish high school. The Big Picture Program really helped me to start thinking about the options.

Elwyn Stannard
Year 11 student, St Francis Xavier College, Canberra
avatarThe program was an awesome experience. I learnt a great deal and I am very grateful for all of the work that everyone has done to make it happen.

Maclean Greedy
Year 11 student, Merewether High School
avatarThis program is a life changer; I literally loved every moment.

Mitchell Derbyshire
Year 10 student, Gosford High School
avatarFor me this program has been one of the highlights of my life. I would like everyone to know that I'm grateful for what they've shared with me, what they've taught me and what they've shown me.

Tom Williams
Year 10 student, Gosford High School
avatarThanks guys, this was an awesome experience. I met heaps of people, listened to amazing speeches and did some amazing things. I’d recommend this to all people my age.

Chris Leroy
Year 11 student, Sydney Grammar
avatarThe Big Picture truly has been an amazing and helpful experience. The study tips, character building and etiquette talks, and excursions to various professional centres have been very insightful. The quality and down to earth talks given by the university volunteers and guest speakers have given me lots of simple things that can greatly and positively affect others.

Darren Jadraque
Year 10 Student, Penrith Selective High School